wow, it's just 2-3 weeks ago that i wrote the last time!!
and i don't think a lot happened since then.
i stayed at natalie's house for one week (from the end of february until the beginning of march!). my hoatpartents went to florida for a week because they were sick of the cold and rainy weather in dayton. and i'm not !thanks! no, but i understand, they wanted some time for themselves and i had to go to school! although i'm not sure why i go to school here in the first place. during the first half of the year i thought that the school in america might be a little easier but it always depends on what classes you take. but i figured out that it doesn't matter what classes you take, after a while you get used to the classes and most of the other students just don't get it (some Americans are really dumb! example: 'hey are you from germany?' 'yesss' 'cool can you speak german' 'noooo' !!) but anyways. my school effort during the year decreased a lot, but i won't complain, i'm sure that will change next year!
while i was staying with natalie and her family, natalie her hostmum and we went to jeffersonville outlet stores. it was so awesome!!all the goods stores and many things a lot cheaper. i mean not everything was so cheap. many of these oulet stores had there normal stuff in the front and all the sales were in the back. but if you were looking around you could find some really cool stuff! unfortunatly her hostmum didn't want to shop the whole day. but we already planned to go back when laura is here!!!
the week after that i had again a long weekend and i went to tina's birthday party. it was a sleepover and all the guys had to leave at 1 o'clock!!something could happen,.... !
but we had a lot of fun, although it was very diffrent from german birthday parties!!
next week i get to sleep in until 9:30!!all week!!! ! the freshmen and sophmores (9th and 10th grade) have their ogt (ohio graduation tests) which they need to graduate! and because i already passed all of them i can sleep in!!;-)
on saturday i will go to my second babyshower in america! marilyn's and john's (the couple with whom we have dinner every tuesday) son, his wife gets a baby!!i haven't met them before so i'm looking forward to get to know them.
i think that's it!
i'm looking forward to see you all in 13 weeks!!
be hugged ;-)!!
byee ruthiiii

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Hello everybody! i'm not sure if anybody is still comming to this page to check if i wrote somtething,...but i will write anyways!
First of all (i think i already told everybody) I AM GOING TO LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
i'm leaving the 5th of april and will come back on the 10th!!!i'm so looking forward to that!!!brook tries to prepare me for all the things i will see and shows me hundrets of movies about las vegas, the area i will fly over (so that i know what i am looking at) and so on,....i will go by myself and live with brooks daughter amy her husband brian and their daughter ally. brook would love to come with me but bill doesn't wantto travel so its just me,..!!!i will go with amy to a circus. brook says that that is the greatest circus she has ever seen and its all about water!!i think it will be awesome!!!JIHAAAAA!!!
at the moment i have a 4 1/2 day break!! we could leave school earlier on thursday and have friday and monday off!!it's presidentday (they celebrate the birthdays of presindent lincoln and washington)!!!
yesterday i was on a babyshower!!it was so cute!!i'm not even sure, do we have babyshowers in germany? it's before the baby is born and all your female friends and relatives come together eat, give presents, play games related to the baby and talk,...it was so cute to see that at least 5 people were pregnant, 6 just married, 3 just engaged and so on,...
on thursday and friday night i went out with friends! on thursday it was really cool, we went out for dinner and afterwards we went to a friends house and played tabu!!
on friday it was kind of strange. i planned to go with friends to a dance school and refresh some ballroom dances. when i arrived i realized pretty quickly that that was definitly a mistake. i just arrived in the dance school of all weird people. i'm serious. besides us, there was not one normal person. i'm not sure why the others go there every friday and actually enjoy that, but i'm sure i'm not going back in the next time,.. !!initially it was planned that we go to ashleys house afterwards, but none of them could bring me home, and brook didn't want to drive later than 11 o'clock. because the dancing lesson was over at ten it wouldn't have made sense to go to her house for half an hour (we had to drive for 30 minutes to get to her house)!!so i just ask ashley if she could drop me off at home on the way to her house,....
today i was writing my research paper for literature. we have to chose an author and two ofhis works and write an 6 page essay about him,...jihaaa fun!!!!!but now i'm nearly done, so that's fine!!!
for some reason the time seems to fly at the moment which i really like!!!i mean i really enjoy my time here but now i'm also really looking forward to get home.
but first laura comes!!!!!!!4 weeks!!!i tell everybody all the time:MY SISTER COMES IN 6,5,4 WEEKS, JIHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!i think i annoy everybody but i don't really care!!!
besides that nothing really special is going on,....
i hope in germany everything is ok!!!
i really miss you and although bill tells me all the time that when i come back that most of the people probably already forgot me i'm sure you will remember me!!
i miss you!!!

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the break is over...

i know i didn't write for quit a time but that just starts to become normal.;-)
the break is over for one and a half week, and i already started to hate school again...no, its not so bad but next week are the final semester exams. i have in every subject one exam for two hours about everything we did in this half of the year! i mean i won't study a whole lot, but at least in history or literature i got to do something!!so that's pretty much what i am doing this weekend!!!
my break was great exept my new years eve!!i asked some friends what they are going to do, and most of them where going out for dinner with their families or hanging out at home with their parents. did i mentioned that teenagers lives are here very exciting? but claire asked me if i would like to come to a 'party' with her. because brook and bill told me that they are going to watch the ball drop in new york and then going to bed at around 12:05 , i decided it just could become better. i didn't expect a whole lot from the party, because i knew what people where there : the biggest band jerks ever... but i thought claire is going to be there and i also thought that two other nice guys would come, but they didn't. i mean claire is a great person, but the others where such big jerks that nothing helped. so we were watching tv, playing computer games and did everything else you don't want to do at a party....AWESOME!!!
but anyways the only good thing about that night was coming home at half past one sitting around in my room doing some stuff. and while blending out the night it nearly felt like i went out to party ( i really needed a lot of creativity to get a party out of that but it actually worked ;-)!!)
the rest of my break was pretty cool. i met some friend slept long and enjoyed not having school!!!
on my last break day i moved to natalie for a week, because brook and bill had to go to las vegas to help brooks daughter, because she had a knee injuiry and a 4 year old little daughter!!!!
my week at natalie's house was great and friendsy !!!
now i'm back home and study a little for my exams!!!
forst i thought i won't travel a whole lot while i'm here, because bill is in his "i'm not going anywhere...-mood" but know i might travel with the organisation at the end of the school year. and brook also thought about me going to las vegas to stay with her daughter for a week or so during my spring break but that not sure at all, she just thought about it. so we will see ....
i hope you all survived new years eve and i'm looking forward to be with you next week, because for some reasons i enjoyed our new years eve parties a lot more!!!
so i hope everything is all right,...
i really miss you, and i'm looking forward to see you again!!
ohh and rike : physics rocks ;-)
i hope you don't forget me...
love you, ruthii ;-)!!!

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christmas is over....

Merry christmas to everybody although christmas is over! i hope you had great holidays and are enjoying your school break!!
my christams was diffrent but good. natalie spent the night from 23 to the 24 at my house... we made some more cookies and watched 'green mile' or at least the beginning, until we fell asleep, not so much because the movie was boring, it was three o'clock in the morning!!!
the next morning brook made us a great breakfast with scrambled eggs, baked ham and french toast!!that was perfect. while we were eating friends of brook and bill came over and brought us some cookies (we didn't have enough yet...) and a hand lotion for me ;-)!!in america most of the families don'y celebrate christmas eve, christmas begins on the 25th!!so during the day we hang out, watched a little tv and got ready for the evening, where we went down to cincinneti to bill's brother and his family! we had a nice dinner there and at eleven o'clock we went to the candle light service in a prospeterian church (the service was a little diffrent: just 45 minutes, no community, etc, but i least i got to go to church, which i didn't expect...;-))!) . the next morning cherie and chris (bills children) came over for a breakfast and after that we exchanged gifts. I had no idea what i will get, and i didn't really expect anything, the only thing i really didn't want to get was clothes. i mean it's in general difficult to buy for an other person clothes, but if you really know their taste it works. and i knew bill and brook devinitly don't know my taste... and what did i get??CLOTHES!!! YIHAA!!!bill and brook always think i can't buy anything. the problem is teenager don't have anything else to do then going shopping. so you go at least once in a week shopping and if you don't come home with more that 5 bags you didn't buy anything.....so mum and dad if i start to become a 'shopaholic' (how bropok calls herself) it's nmot my fault....ok, so back to the clothes...! i got pans and a shirt for sports which i actually really like. than bill bought me two pair of pans, which i hate...wow, they look like a girl who is looking forward to ge to elementry school (grundschule)!!! but i didn't just want to say that i didn't like them because i know that bill really tried to buy things i will like. for example he bought one pai with applications on it, because of my jeans with all the flowers and bottons on it. but it just looks like little girls pans... sp i tries to tell him that i don't like the jeans and we will bring them back. i also got hand made earrings from chris and a photo album from cherie! i think bill and brook really like my invitation to the theater, so everything worked out!!
later in the afternoon, we went again down to cinci and had a big christmas party and bills sisters house, which was really fun, but to the end i became really tired.
the next morning i slept until 1 o'clock and did nothing for the rest of the day, except watching 'friends'...
today i slept again until 12 o'clock and later i have to work in the yard with brook and in the evening we have dinner with friends...
i don't have a many plans for the break. i think i will sleep a lot, do nothing and call some friends when i rested enough!!
i hope you are all enjoying the free days....
i miss you, bye ruthiii

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Hey, ok i'm a little stupid. i just deleted the last entrance...i don't know why but i just hitted the wrong buttom... so i'm not sure when i wrote the last time, but i'm sure it's a long time ago...;-)
in the last time, nothing really special happened, but i think that's because i start to live my normal life here. but somebody always remind me that i'm in america.
two weeks ago is the best example for that:
Bruno, a brasilian boy out of my esl-class (english as a secong language) who lives here since a couple years, ask me to go with him to the footballgame in cincinatti, where our schoolteam played that week. because we already planned to go down to cinci in the evening, i thought that will be perfect... but i didn't pay attention to the fact that this could be a 'date', and that's what brook and bill are sooo afraid of... mean it didn't count that it was neither for me nor for him a date but it could be, you never know. so i couldn't go, because we were alone and not in a group. Brook is of the opinion that as soon as you are not in a group it is a date.....but that's not enough.. so we planned for the next weekend, to go to the movies in a group;-) (Bruno, an other boy out of ESL, Natalie and me). But this time brook was of the opinion that the group we went with is just an excuse so that we can do something together...well..what else should we do?so she and bill discussed that for hours and came to the suprising solution that i can go....but before he picked me up i got the typical daughter mother speech: NO
That just reminded me of the typical discussions in germany. there i discuss how long i can go out and if it's not long enough, then i go to the movies. here i have to discuss to go to the movies;-) AHHH!!!!;-) I think it's just funny, but just because of the fact that i'll be back and then everything is normal again...
Last weekend i was wednesday, thursday and friday out of school, because of thanksgiving, the biggest food-holiday ever...
Brook daughter amy stayed with her husband, and daughter with us for one week. They are really nice people:brian (her husband )is the funniest person i've ever met and ally (her daughter) is 4 years old and sooo cute!!!!so we had a lot of fun and did some things...
After they left on sunday morning Brook was back into her travelmood (Amy lives in las vegas, which is brooks dream place to live and thats what she always planned to do when she is retired, now she is it, but bill doesn't want to travel and especially not to move...). so she planned that after christmas she will start to work on bill again....That will be funny, i love it when they discuss things.they should stand on a stage and make money with that. anyway, so if i'm lucky i will go to las vegas in march or whenenver. but this is really not sure, because bill doesn't know anything about it yet, and that could be a problem...;-)
tonight i will go with claire to the talent show in school, where many students just stand on the stage as comedian, dancers, singers etc... i hope it will be funny, but i know a few people who do something there today so i guess i'll have fun...
the christmas time began and i already could open two doors...;-) and on sunday it's the 2 advent!!!and the funny thing is, because every radio station and every mall plays since two weeks non stop christmas songs, and every house has thousands of lights on it i'm already in a christmas mood....!!!
well, i guess that's all, so how you see i'm really good here, and live my 'normal' life!!
i hope you all are all right, i miss you and i hope to here from you soon !!!
enjoy your christmas time..;-)
lots of knutschas;-)
bye ruthiiiiiiiiiiiii

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