hey ho, how are you?it is three weeks ago, since i wrote the last report, but i'm not sure if anything special happened.
claire is since 3 weeks sick but she will hopefully return to school at the end of this week,...it was really bad that she became sick, because she seemed to be the only person who really cared about me,... !!!!!but with the time i got to know some new nice people, so it works....
the last weekend a brasilian exchange student, called rafiella, stayed with us. she is the exchange student from my cordinator, and she had to travel for the weekend and couldn't take her with her. she is really nice and we had a great time together. she arrived on friday night and stayed untill sunday night. on saturday brook, rafiella and i went to a market where you can by clothes, flowers, food (sure), and juwelry. i loved the juwelry, because they had so much old and hand-made stuff there,...so i bought a neckless and a ring. brook and rafiella bought some things too, and after that we went for breakfast to the golden correll ( the greatest restaurant ever:huge buffett with everything!!) !!
then we went home, picked bill up and drove to the airforce museum. we were there just for one hour, because we had to be in cincinneti for the evening. a little 'host-cousin' had birthday. on sunday we slept long and then we drove again down to cincinetti, because two hostcousins (twins) had birthday!!so we nearly spent the whole weekend in cincinneti.on the way back we dropped her of at her house.
the week was not very special,...
i practised with the basketball team, had some test etc,...
yesterday i was shopping with brook in cincinneti, so i could drive down!! we shopped for three hours and i foung s sweatshirt and a scarf. brook found some stuff too, but she seemed to be disappointed that i just foung two things. when we returned home, bill nearly blamed me fro just finding two things. 'you took brooks whole time(2 hours) for just two things?!?!?!' brook wasn't upset but bill wanted to make a problem of that. brook just laught and told him to be quiet...did i mentioned before that bill is strange?in the evening we watched 'the incredibles'. it's a cute movie, but not that great!!
today is my big school day. i had a lot of homework and schoolprojects for extra-credit!!i'm nearly finished,...jiihaaa
in the next week i have everyday in the morning a 'big' test for two hours. i have to pass it to graduate from centerville, but i don't want to graduate, so it doesn't matter if i pass or not!!!!
i can't think of anything else waht happened,...
i hope everything is all right in germany!!i miss you a lot!!
but i'm looking forward to february or march (laura will come and visit me!!)
hope to hear something from you soon. knutscha;-))

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probably i will finish it now!
i'm sitting in the library, because our computer is still not working!!
back to the dance:
we danced the whole three hours ( the dance ended at 12 o'clock,because we are just allowed to stay out till 1 o'clock!! !!that's america!!!) also claire and i were not the only persons who danced lots of people stared at us, because we had a lot fun!! after that, we were so swetty(?)!!!we went to an other house to have desert ( welcome to america!!FOOOOD!!) !!!the others stayed till 3 o'clock at tom's house but bill and brook wanted me to be home by 1 o'clock!!
so that was it!!!i hope i can show you some pictures soon, but to that our computer must work, so we will see!!
on sunday we went to cincinneti to the 'german oktoberfest'. that was the funniest thing ever. 100 americans who tried to be german ( german=drink beer, wear 'lederhosen' , eat 'bratwurst' and dance the 'bayrischer volkstanz'!!!). ohh my gosh, we were there for 4 hours ans ate. nothing else.....
at first it was really funny, but after a while it was really ennoying and boring!!!but ok,...
the next days in school happened nothing special, ....
now there is an other geman girl at my school, since monday. she is horrible. monday was her first day because she had to change families. so everybody in ESL ( english as a sencond language) said, OHHHH you can eat lunch with ruth!!!!
thank you!!!now everyday, she is waiting for me in the bandhall. she hates everything, everything is better in germany, she is so smat, because she has an a+ in french1 ( she had 4 years french before,....) ans so on!! AHHHHH!!!
i hope she find friends soon, but i don't really thing so ( she just doesn't talk to americams, because she doesn't like to speak english!!!great that you'e here!!!) but who knows !!!
on thursday i tried to practise with the basketball team. i didn't thought that this will work, but it was really fun!!! it was really excausting ( my head was red!!really red!!) but funny. the team is really nice. of cause i'm not as good as they are ( thay play for 10 years) but it was ok, and i don't want to be in the team i just want to practise with them so that i can do some sports!!!so till november i will have 3 times a week for 2 hours traiuning and after that i will have everyday for 2 hours... i'm not sure if this will work, but i just will try it!!!
today i was of school. i don't know exactly why, but who cares? so bill brook and i went to cincinneti in the aquarium!it was really amazing!!there were lots of tunnels, were sharks swam over under and next to you. it was a kind of scary but really intersting!!!

i read some of my writings here, and thats horrible!!!i hope my english will be better when i come home, but i think so!!!

i think that's all. now everything is becoming normal, so there is not so much to tell!!! i really miss you all!!!and i hope you don't forget me till i'm back!!!huge huggies!!!miss you, bye ruthiiiiiiii

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Good morning! its half past seven and i am really tired,... this weekend was homecomming and everybody is talking about. my homecomming was really great. i didn't expect that i would have so much fun, but it was really cool! it starts on friday when i went with claire to a shop to get our nails done. after that we planned to go to the football game, but our nails need two and a half hour, dinner a half , so we came excactly when the game ended... on saturday i went in the morning with bill to the gym. after that we picked brook up and went out for breakfast. when we came home i had to clean the whole house because bill had no time. he had a wedding to photograph.
after i took a shower and made my hair i met claire again and we got our make-up done. i didn't expect that i would like it but it looked ok, i think! when i came home i had 5 minutes to get finally ready, then came the first people of my group(everybody had a date but we went in a group)!after brook took a lots of picture we went to diffrent houses to have dinner. at 9 o'clock started the dance and it was a lot fun. i really hoped that not everybody danced with a partner, because i didn't plan to dance a lot with jacob,..he was friendly, polite ( he was the only guy who opened the door of the car, house etc....he really got on my nerves...) and taller than my, but that's it. i didn't expect that he would dance but he danced the whole night, and had really fun. i don't want to be mean but he shouldn't have done this, it was just funny.
ok, school starts, i think i will finish it soon, i'm bored...

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i'm just sorry,....

hey! if there is anyone who is still looking for new mails from me: thank you and i'm sorry. the only excuse i have is school and that the last week the computer was broken, so i have to go to the library, where i am at the moment!
ok, so the first three weeks are over now, and i am really happy that i am still alive. especially the first week was horrible. some of my classes were really to heavy, so i had to change some. the first time in math was really hard. i didn't understad a single word, ang our normal homework was: read this ten pages ( were they explain a whole new subject ) and do these exercises,.... !
now, after a while it is getting better. laura sent me what you are doing in math and physic and i showed this to my teachers i they said that these are the exactly subjects we are doing here, so i thing i am now in the right classes, and it works a lot better than at the beginning. i hope my english writing is getting better soon too, because i write a lot in my english class,... so in school everythings work at the moment ( it depends on math, so it can changes quickly).
the school is huge,...we have 3000 students, 300 teacher and 4 units. each of them is nearly as big as our school !so when i want to go from one class to the next i have to be out of the classroom, when the first bell rngs, when i want to be in the next room when the second bell rings. and between this i nearly must run!!
i'm really lucky that i met claire in the shop. the more time i spend time with her the nicer does she seem to be.
she offered me to stay the second half of the year with her. her dad haven't meet me before, but who cares..?through her i get introduce into her group of friends. so it's not that difficult to meet some new people. i went with her to a band competition ( she was in the past in the band, so all her friends are there ). it wasn't that interesting, but it was a great chace to meet some new people and to talk to them. last sunday i went with her and her mum to cincinetti, where she had harpe ( harve ) lesson. after that we went shopping in a huge mall and i bought a dress for homecomming, which is next saturday. it's a little difficult to describe what it looks like, but i will take a picture when i wear it.
last friday, it was so embrassing. i came to school ( every morning a half hour to early ), went to my advicery and stopped in front of a huge poster:
this was from a boy out of my math class, who is looks a 'little' like a freak, but he is really nice friendliy and TALLER than me. THANK YOU;-)!!!i had to send him the yellow ballon, when i say yes and the red one when i don't want to go with him. in case i would chose the red one was there only a yellow ballon. after i gave him the only ballon i had i wanted to take the poster down, because it was huge and in the middle of the school. i started doing that and everybody stared at me. claire tought me that i'm not allowed to take it down, because that would be unpolite,... so the whole day everybody who passed this poster stopped : ohhhh, that's cute! do you know who jacob or ruth is? no, but thats cuuute!!
yeah, so thats how i get my date for homecomming, but we will go in a group with claire and many other friends, so its not so important how my date is.when i came home and showed the poster brook and bill, the first thing bill said was: the marriage begins always with the first date!!RIGHT BILL!!! !!but this day didn't end with that,..
in the evening, i wanted to 'go out' with some friends. first claire and i went in the mall for dinner ( chinese;-)!), then we went to the last two quarters of the footballgame and after that we went with some other people to 'bill's donuts'. when we came out of the shop it was half past eleven. i have to be home at twelfe o'clock. but all the others planned to go to claires house and watch a movie. so i went with them and called bill. i told that thay want to watch a movie, and somebody can bing me home when its over ( everybody has a car, thats so strange ) . he allowed me to stay there, so we watched a movie. it finished at 2 am. when i sat in the car on the wa home, brook called me. she sounds really angry and wanted to know, where i am and when i will be at home. after that call i was really a littlle nerous, because brook sounded really serious. she was still awake when i arrived and told me that she really didn't want me to stay so long! i was lucky because she realized that it wasn't my fault. bill looked 'wrong' on the clock, however you can do that, but that is bill....it wasn't that good because it was the first time i went out in the evening just with friends, so i was afraid that they won't let me any more, but i was wrong. and it really wasn't my fault, so what should i do?
tonight i will go with claire, a girl out of my advicery and a boy out of my physicclass to the chinese restaurant for dinner and after that we will watch a movie in the cinema ( thats the normal way of ' do something on friday night' ahhh i miss germany !!)
the boy called " razwi" comes from iran in moved to america this summer. he is soo cute ( more like a little boy 'cute'), but really nice. and is searching for friends, so may be we will become friends, who knows....
i think that are the most important things. in general i am fine here, but i really miss you and germany.....
bill and brook are really great hostparents. i have a lot fun with bill, he is really a freak, buts thats funny and brook is so nice,....so i am happy to stay with them, but i'm also looking forward to see you all again. i hope you don't forget me... i think A LOT about you, i just have not enough time to write you often, but that will change when my life starts to become more relaxed!
i miss you!!lots of kisses,....

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a few days before school

I'm sorry that I don't write more than one week, but I never have time. Brook and Bill tries to get me busy, because then I've no time to think about Germany.But now they are watching a boring movie,....
Since last wednesday happend a lot, but I don't remember evrythink. The most important thing is that I passed my first writing test for my driving license,.... I got a book which a had to readlast friday and on tuesday I wnet with Brook to the driving school and passed the ( really easy ) test with 97% ( I only needed 75% ( I'm very proud ).
And then I started driving! !!! The first time Bill wanted me to drive his BMW, because he is also "borned" 1989!! At the beginning I drove in their roadentrance, but soon I drove through the neighbourhood and the next day, I drove on the normal very busy streets with two or three lanes!!
Here I am when I drove the BMW the first time:
And now where ever we have to go to I'm driving.;-)!!!

On thursday I had togo to the school, because there was an oriantation for all new students ( and that were a lot,.... ). Every new student get one student from Centerville ( my school ), who you can talk to the whole year, if you have any questions or problems. So one girl showed me and an other boy the school, which is huge. It wasn't very interested, because Brook had show it me before, but it was ok and the girl was very nice,... Then we get a shirt from the school with the name and the symbol ( an elk ) on it, which we should wear every friday, because that is the 'schoolspirit day', and on this friday, because there is the first football game from Centerville. I couldn't imagie, but really every student wore something with the school colors on it ( blue and gold\yellow). at first the football game wasn't very great, because I had no idea of the rules, but after Brook tried to explain me some, it became more and more interesting. Actually I wanted to meet Claire ( A nice girl I met in a shop. She goes also to Centerville, is also a Jenior, and her advisary is also in the east part of the school ). She gave me her phone number and I should call her at the game, but when I tried to do so, it didn't work. so I wrote her a message, but she read this after the game, and that was to late. But I'll meet her at school on tuesday,...

Tomorrow is the first meeting with some other exchange students from CIEE ( the organisation ), who live in this area. But they are only three more. They are going to come ( the first meeting is here, the next at an other home etc,...) at 5 o'clock and then we'll have a big dinner. Brook ordered a cake on which stands something like: WElcome to America , and then all the name with the flags of the countries. There's one other girl from Germany called Elena. In the morning we will go to Cincinetti ( a bigger town in this area ), to help Cherie ( Bill's daughter ) to move. So I have to get up at 7.70 am!!!!!!

Ok, I think thats all,...I really start to miss you all, lots of kisses,
Bye Ruthiiiiiiii

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