a few days before school

I'm sorry that I don't write more than one week, but I never have time. Brook and Bill tries to get me busy, because then I've no time to think about Germany.But now they are watching a boring movie,....
Since last wednesday happend a lot, but I don't remember evrythink. The most important thing is that I passed my first writing test for my driving license,.... I got a book which a had to readlast friday and on tuesday I wnet with Brook to the driving school and passed the ( really easy ) test with 97% ( I only needed 75% ( I'm very proud ).
And then I started driving! !!! The first time Bill wanted me to drive his BMW, because he is also "borned" 1989!! At the beginning I drove in their roadentrance, but soon I drove through the neighbourhood and the next day, I drove on the normal very busy streets with two or three lanes!!
Here I am when I drove the BMW the first time:
And now where ever we have to go to I'm driving.;-)!!!

On thursday I had togo to the school, because there was an oriantation for all new students ( and that were a lot,.... ). Every new student get one student from Centerville ( my school ), who you can talk to the whole year, if you have any questions or problems. So one girl showed me and an other boy the school, which is huge. It wasn't very interested, because Brook had show it me before, but it was ok and the girl was very nice,... Then we get a shirt from the school with the name and the symbol ( an elk ) on it, which we should wear every friday, because that is the 'schoolspirit day', and on this friday, because there is the first football game from Centerville. I couldn't imagie, but really every student wore something with the school colors on it ( blue and gold\yellow). at first the football game wasn't very great, because I had no idea of the rules, but after Brook tried to explain me some, it became more and more interesting. Actually I wanted to meet Claire ( A nice girl I met in a shop. She goes also to Centerville, is also a Jenior, and her advisary is also in the east part of the school ). She gave me her phone number and I should call her at the game, but when I tried to do so, it didn't work. so I wrote her a message, but she read this after the game, and that was to late. But I'll meet her at school on tuesday,...

Tomorrow is the first meeting with some other exchange students from CIEE ( the organisation ), who live in this area. But they are only three more. They are going to come ( the first meeting is here, the next at an other home etc,...) at 5 o'clock and then we'll have a big dinner. Brook ordered a cake on which stands something like: WElcome to America , and then all the name with the flags of the countries. There's one other girl from Germany called Elena. In the morning we will go to Cincinetti ( a bigger town in this area ), to help Cherie ( Bill's daughter ) to move. So I have to get up at 7.70 am!!!!!!

Ok, I think thats all,...I really start to miss you all, lots of kisses,
Bye Ruthiiiiiiii

28.8.05 04:35

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