Good morning! its half past seven and i am really tired,... this weekend was homecomming and everybody is talking about. my homecomming was really great. i didn't expect that i would have so much fun, but it was really cool! it starts on friday when i went with claire to a shop to get our nails done. after that we planned to go to the football game, but our nails need two and a half hour, dinner a half , so we came excactly when the game ended... on saturday i went in the morning with bill to the gym. after that we picked brook up and went out for breakfast. when we came home i had to clean the whole house because bill had no time. he had a wedding to photograph.
after i took a shower and made my hair i met claire again and we got our make-up done. i didn't expect that i would like it but it looked ok, i think! when i came home i had 5 minutes to get finally ready, then came the first people of my group(everybody had a date but we went in a group)!after brook took a lots of picture we went to diffrent houses to have dinner. at 9 o'clock started the dance and it was a lot fun. i really hoped that not everybody danced with a partner, because i didn't plan to dance a lot with jacob,..he was friendly, polite ( he was the only guy who opened the door of the car, house etc....he really got on my nerves...) and taller than my, but that's it. i didn't expect that he would dance but he danced the whole night, and had really fun. i don't want to be mean but he shouldn't have done this, it was just funny.
ok, school starts, i think i will finish it soon, i'm bored...

3.10.05 14:10

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stalinist679p@gmail.com / Website (14.1.06 10:55)
Very nice site. Looks like you spent quite a bit of time on it.

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