probably i will finish it now!
i'm sitting in the library, because our computer is still not working!!
back to the dance:
we danced the whole three hours ( the dance ended at 12 o'clock,because we are just allowed to stay out till 1 o'clock!! !!that's america!!!) also claire and i were not the only persons who danced lots of people stared at us, because we had a lot fun!! after that, we were so swetty(?)!!!we went to an other house to have desert ( welcome to america!!FOOOOD!!) !!!the others stayed till 3 o'clock at tom's house but bill and brook wanted me to be home by 1 o'clock!!
so that was it!!!i hope i can show you some pictures soon, but to that our computer must work, so we will see!!
on sunday we went to cincinneti to the 'german oktoberfest'. that was the funniest thing ever. 100 americans who tried to be german ( german=drink beer, wear 'lederhosen' , eat 'bratwurst' and dance the 'bayrischer volkstanz'!!!). ohh my gosh, we were there for 4 hours ans ate. nothing else.....
at first it was really funny, but after a while it was really ennoying and boring!!!but ok,...
the next days in school happened nothing special, ....
now there is an other geman girl at my school, since monday. she is horrible. monday was her first day because she had to change families. so everybody in ESL ( english as a sencond language) said, OHHHH you can eat lunch with ruth!!!!
thank you!!!now everyday, she is waiting for me in the bandhall. she hates everything, everything is better in germany, she is so smat, because she has an a+ in french1 ( she had 4 years french before,....) ans so on!! AHHHHH!!!
i hope she find friends soon, but i don't really thing so ( she just doesn't talk to americams, because she doesn't like to speak english!!!great that you'e here!!!) but who knows !!!
on thursday i tried to practise with the basketball team. i didn't thought that this will work, but it was really fun!!! it was really excausting ( my head was red!!really red!!) but funny. the team is really nice. of cause i'm not as good as they are ( thay play for 10 years) but it was ok, and i don't want to be in the team i just want to practise with them so that i can do some sports!!!so till november i will have 3 times a week for 2 hours traiuning and after that i will have everyday for 2 hours... i'm not sure if this will work, but i just will try it!!!
today i was of school. i don't know exactly why, but who cares? so bill brook and i went to cincinneti in the aquarium!it was really amazing!!there were lots of tunnels, were sharks swam over under and next to you. it was a kind of scary but really intersting!!!

i read some of my writings here, and thats horrible!!!i hope my english will be better when i come home, but i think so!!!

i think that's all. now everything is becoming normal, so there is not so much to tell!!! i really miss you all!!!and i hope you don't forget me till i'm back!!!huge huggies!!!miss you, bye ruthiiiiiiii

7.10.05 23:40

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