hey ho, how are you?it is three weeks ago, since i wrote the last report, but i'm not sure if anything special happened.
claire is since 3 weeks sick but she will hopefully return to school at the end of this week,...it was really bad that she became sick, because she seemed to be the only person who really cared about me,... !!!!!but with the time i got to know some new nice people, so it works....
the last weekend a brasilian exchange student, called rafiella, stayed with us. she is the exchange student from my cordinator, and she had to travel for the weekend and couldn't take her with her. she is really nice and we had a great time together. she arrived on friday night and stayed untill sunday night. on saturday brook, rafiella and i went to a market where you can by clothes, flowers, food (sure), and juwelry. i loved the juwelry, because they had so much old and hand-made stuff there,...so i bought a neckless and a ring. brook and rafiella bought some things too, and after that we went for breakfast to the golden correll ( the greatest restaurant ever:huge buffett with everything!!) !!
then we went home, picked bill up and drove to the airforce museum. we were there just for one hour, because we had to be in cincinneti for the evening. a little 'host-cousin' had birthday. on sunday we slept long and then we drove again down to cincinetti, because two hostcousins (twins) had birthday!!so we nearly spent the whole weekend in cincinneti.on the way back we dropped her of at her house.
the week was not very special,...
i practised with the basketball team, had some test etc,...
yesterday i was shopping with brook in cincinneti, so i could drive down!! we shopped for three hours and i foung s sweatshirt and a scarf. brook found some stuff too, but she seemed to be disappointed that i just foung two things. when we returned home, bill nearly blamed me fro just finding two things. 'you took brooks whole time(2 hours) for just two things?!?!?!' brook wasn't upset but bill wanted to make a problem of that. brook just laught and told him to be quiet...did i mentioned before that bill is strange?in the evening we watched 'the incredibles'. it's a cute movie, but not that great!!
today is my big school day. i had a lot of homework and schoolprojects for extra-credit!!i'm nearly finished,...jiihaaa
in the next week i have everyday in the morning a 'big' test for two hours. i have to pass it to graduate from centerville, but i don't want to graduate, so it doesn't matter if i pass or not!!!!
i can't think of anything else waht happened,...
i hope everything is all right in germany!!i miss you a lot!!
but i'm looking forward to february or march (laura will come and visit me!!)
hope to hear something from you soon. knutscha;-))

23.10.05 21:56

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Leonard/Mama (27.10.05 20:27)
Hello Ruth
we read your blog!
it is very interisting
Now I must go to bed

Many greetings from Wettringen

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