Hey, ok i'm a little stupid. i just deleted the last entrance...i don't know why but i just hitted the wrong buttom... so i'm not sure when i wrote the last time, but i'm sure it's a long time ago...;-)
in the last time, nothing really special happened, but i think that's because i start to live my normal life here. but somebody always remind me that i'm in america.
two weeks ago is the best example for that:
Bruno, a brasilian boy out of my esl-class (english as a secong language) who lives here since a couple years, ask me to go with him to the footballgame in cincinatti, where our schoolteam played that week. because we already planned to go down to cinci in the evening, i thought that will be perfect... but i didn't pay attention to the fact that this could be a 'date', and that's what brook and bill are sooo afraid of... mean it didn't count that it was neither for me nor for him a date but it could be, you never know. so i couldn't go, because we were alone and not in a group. Brook is of the opinion that as soon as you are not in a group it is a date.....but that's not enough.. so we planned for the next weekend, to go to the movies in a group;-) (Bruno, an other boy out of ESL, Natalie and me). But this time brook was of the opinion that the group we went with is just an excuse so that we can do something together...well..what else should we do?so she and bill discussed that for hours and came to the suprising solution that i can go....but before he picked me up i got the typical daughter mother speech: NO
That just reminded me of the typical discussions in germany. there i discuss how long i can go out and if it's not long enough, then i go to the movies. here i have to discuss to go to the movies;-) AHHH!!!!;-) I think it's just funny, but just because of the fact that i'll be back and then everything is normal again...
Last weekend i was wednesday, thursday and friday out of school, because of thanksgiving, the biggest food-holiday ever...
Brook daughter amy stayed with her husband, and daughter with us for one week. They are really nice people:brian (her husband )is the funniest person i've ever met and ally (her daughter) is 4 years old and sooo cute!!!!so we had a lot of fun and did some things...
After they left on sunday morning Brook was back into her travelmood (Amy lives in las vegas, which is brooks dream place to live and thats what she always planned to do when she is retired, now she is it, but bill doesn't want to travel and especially not to move...). so she planned that after christmas she will start to work on bill again....That will be funny, i love it when they discuss things.they should stand on a stage and make money with that. anyway, so if i'm lucky i will go to las vegas in march or whenenver. but this is really not sure, because bill doesn't know anything about it yet, and that could be a problem...;-)
tonight i will go with claire to the talent show in school, where many students just stand on the stage as comedian, dancers, singers etc... i hope it will be funny, but i know a few people who do something there today so i guess i'll have fun...
the christmas time began and i already could open two doors...;-) and on sunday it's the 2 advent!!!and the funny thing is, because every radio station and every mall plays since two weeks non stop christmas songs, and every house has thousands of lights on it i'm already in a christmas mood....!!!
well, i guess that's all, so how you see i'm really good here, and live my 'normal' life!!
i hope you all are all right, i miss you and i hope to here from you soon !!!
enjoy your christmas time..;-)
lots of knutschas;-)
bye ruthiiiiiiiiiiiii

2.12.05 22:05

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