christmas is over....

Merry christmas to everybody although christmas is over! i hope you had great holidays and are enjoying your school break!!
my christams was diffrent but good. natalie spent the night from 23 to the 24 at my house... we made some more cookies and watched 'green mile' or at least the beginning, until we fell asleep, not so much because the movie was boring, it was three o'clock in the morning!!!
the next morning brook made us a great breakfast with scrambled eggs, baked ham and french toast!!that was perfect. while we were eating friends of brook and bill came over and brought us some cookies (we didn't have enough yet...) and a hand lotion for me ;-)!!in america most of the families don'y celebrate christmas eve, christmas begins on the 25th!!so during the day we hang out, watched a little tv and got ready for the evening, where we went down to cincinneti to bill's brother and his family! we had a nice dinner there and at eleven o'clock we went to the candle light service in a prospeterian church (the service was a little diffrent: just 45 minutes, no community, etc, but i least i got to go to church, which i didn't expect...;-))!) . the next morning cherie and chris (bills children) came over for a breakfast and after that we exchanged gifts. I had no idea what i will get, and i didn't really expect anything, the only thing i really didn't want to get was clothes. i mean it's in general difficult to buy for an other person clothes, but if you really know their taste it works. and i knew bill and brook devinitly don't know my taste... and what did i get??CLOTHES!!! YIHAA!!!bill and brook always think i can't buy anything. the problem is teenager don't have anything else to do then going shopping. so you go at least once in a week shopping and if you don't come home with more that 5 bags you didn't buy mum and dad if i start to become a 'shopaholic' (how bropok calls herself) it's nmot my fault....ok, so back to the clothes...! i got pans and a shirt for sports which i actually really like. than bill bought me two pair of pans, which i, they look like a girl who is looking forward to ge to elementry school (grundschule)!!! but i didn't just want to say that i didn't like them because i know that bill really tried to buy things i will like. for example he bought one pai with applications on it, because of my jeans with all the flowers and bottons on it. but it just looks like little girls pans... sp i tries to tell him that i don't like the jeans and we will bring them back. i also got hand made earrings from chris and a photo album from cherie! i think bill and brook really like my invitation to the theater, so everything worked out!!
later in the afternoon, we went again down to cinci and had a big christmas party and bills sisters house, which was really fun, but to the end i became really tired.
the next morning i slept until 1 o'clock and did nothing for the rest of the day, except watching 'friends'...
today i slept again until 12 o'clock and later i have to work in the yard with brook and in the evening we have dinner with friends...
i don't have a many plans for the break. i think i will sleep a lot, do nothing and call some friends when i rested enough!!
i hope you are all enjoying the free days....
i miss you, bye ruthiii

27.12.05 18:16

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natschi / Website (31.12.05 07:51)
hey hon,
why did you change your "blog outfit" again? i just realized it and wondered!
however, i wish you and your family a happy new year, have fun at the party and "good slide..."
love ya!
die natschi

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