the break is over...

i know i didn't write for quit a time but that just starts to become normal.;-)
the break is over for one and a half week, and i already started to hate school, its not so bad but next week are the final semester exams. i have in every subject one exam for two hours about everything we did in this half of the year! i mean i won't study a whole lot, but at least in history or literature i got to do something!!so that's pretty much what i am doing this weekend!!!
my break was great exept my new years eve!!i asked some friends what they are going to do, and most of them where going out for dinner with their families or hanging out at home with their parents. did i mentioned that teenagers lives are here very exciting? but claire asked me if i would like to come to a 'party' with her. because brook and bill told me that they are going to watch the ball drop in new york and then going to bed at around 12:05 , i decided it just could become better. i didn't expect a whole lot from the party, because i knew what people where there : the biggest band jerks ever... but i thought claire is going to be there and i also thought that two other nice guys would come, but they didn't. i mean claire is a great person, but the others where such big jerks that nothing helped. so we were watching tv, playing computer games and did everything else you don't want to do at a party....AWESOME!!!
but anyways the only good thing about that night was coming home at half past one sitting around in my room doing some stuff. and while blending out the night it nearly felt like i went out to party ( i really needed a lot of creativity to get a party out of that but it actually worked ;-)!!)
the rest of my break was pretty cool. i met some friend slept long and enjoyed not having school!!!
on my last break day i moved to natalie for a week, because brook and bill had to go to las vegas to help brooks daughter, because she had a knee injuiry and a 4 year old little daughter!!!!
my week at natalie's house was great and friendsy !!!
now i'm back home and study a little for my exams!!!
forst i thought i won't travel a whole lot while i'm here, because bill is in his "i'm not going anywhere...-mood" but know i might travel with the organisation at the end of the school year. and brook also thought about me going to las vegas to stay with her daughter for a week or so during my spring break but that not sure at all, she just thought about it. so we will see ....
i hope you all survived new years eve and i'm looking forward to be with you next week, because for some reasons i enjoyed our new years eve parties a lot more!!!
so i hope everything is all right,...
i really miss you, and i'm looking forward to see you again!!
ohh and rike : physics rocks ;-)
i hope you don't forget me...
love you, ruthii ;-)!!!

16.1.06 05:00

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