Hello everybody! i'm not sure if anybody is still comming to this page to check if i wrote somtething,...but i will write anyways!
First of all (i think i already told everybody) I AM GOING TO LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
i'm leaving the 5th of april and will come back on the 10th!!!i'm so looking forward to that!!!brook tries to prepare me for all the things i will see and shows me hundrets of movies about las vegas, the area i will fly over (so that i know what i am looking at) and so on,....i will go by myself and live with brooks daughter amy her husband brian and their daughter ally. brook would love to come with me but bill doesn't wantto travel so its just me,..!!!i will go with amy to a circus. brook says that that is the greatest circus she has ever seen and its all about water!!i think it will be awesome!!!JIHAAAAA!!!
at the moment i have a 4 1/2 day break!! we could leave school earlier on thursday and have friday and monday off!!it's presidentday (they celebrate the birthdays of presindent lincoln and washington)!!!
yesterday i was on a babyshower!!it was so cute!!i'm not even sure, do we have babyshowers in germany? it's before the baby is born and all your female friends and relatives come together eat, give presents, play games related to the baby and talk,...it was so cute to see that at least 5 people were pregnant, 6 just married, 3 just engaged and so on,...
on thursday and friday night i went out with friends! on thursday it was really cool, we went out for dinner and afterwards we went to a friends house and played tabu!!
on friday it was kind of strange. i planned to go with friends to a dance school and refresh some ballroom dances. when i arrived i realized pretty quickly that that was definitly a mistake. i just arrived in the dance school of all weird people. i'm serious. besides us, there was not one normal person. i'm not sure why the others go there every friday and actually enjoy that, but i'm sure i'm not going back in the next time,.. !!initially it was planned that we go to ashleys house afterwards, but none of them could bring me home, and brook didn't want to drive later than 11 o'clock. because the dancing lesson was over at ten it wouldn't have made sense to go to her house for half an hour (we had to drive for 30 minutes to get to her house)!!so i just ask ashley if she could drop me off at home on the way to her house,....
today i was writing my research paper for literature. we have to chose an author and two ofhis works and write an 6 page essay about him,...jihaaa fun!!!!!but now i'm nearly done, so that's fine!!!
for some reason the time seems to fly at the moment which i really like!!!i mean i really enjoy my time here but now i'm also really looking forward to get home.
but first laura comes!!!!!!!4 weeks!!!i tell everybody all the time:MY SISTER COMES IN 6,5,4 WEEKS, JIHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!i think i annoy everybody but i don't really care!!!
besides that nothing really special is going on,....
i hope in germany everything is ok!!!
i really miss you and although bill tells me all the time that when i come back that most of the people probably already forgot me i'm sure you will remember me!!
i miss you!!!

19.2.06 20:37

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