wow, it's just 2-3 weeks ago that i wrote the last time!!
and i don't think a lot happened since then.
i stayed at natalie's house for one week (from the end of february until the beginning of march!). my hoatpartents went to florida for a week because they were sick of the cold and rainy weather in dayton. and i'm not !thanks! no, but i understand, they wanted some time for themselves and i had to go to school! although i'm not sure why i go to school here in the first place. during the first half of the year i thought that the school in america might be a little easier but it always depends on what classes you take. but i figured out that it doesn't matter what classes you take, after a while you get used to the classes and most of the other students just don't get it (some Americans are really dumb! example: 'hey are you from germany?' 'yesss' 'cool can you speak german' 'noooo' !!) but anyways. my school effort during the year decreased a lot, but i won't complain, i'm sure that will change next year!
while i was staying with natalie and her family, natalie her hostmum and we went to jeffersonville outlet stores. it was so awesome!!all the goods stores and many things a lot cheaper. i mean not everything was so cheap. many of these oulet stores had there normal stuff in the front and all the sales were in the back. but if you were looking around you could find some really cool stuff! unfortunatly her hostmum didn't want to shop the whole day. but we already planned to go back when laura is here!!!
the week after that i had again a long weekend and i went to tina's birthday party. it was a sleepover and all the guys had to leave at 1 o'clock!!something could happen,.... !
but we had a lot of fun, although it was very diffrent from german birthday parties!!
next week i get to sleep in until 9:30!!all week!!! ! the freshmen and sophmores (9th and 10th grade) have their ogt (ohio graduation tests) which they need to graduate! and because i already passed all of them i can sleep in!!;-)
on saturday i will go to my second babyshower in america! marilyn's and john's (the couple with whom we have dinner every tuesday) son, his wife gets a baby!!i haven't met them before so i'm looking forward to get to know them.
i think that's it!
i'm looking forward to see you all in 13 weeks!!
be hugged ;-)!!
byee ruthiiii

9.3.06 22:17

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